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Membership to the Investor Education Institute can help you make sense through all of the market noise. You will receive information necessary to keep your portfolio aligned with current market trends. You can make the most out of bull markets and protect yourself from bear markets.

Trial Membership Summary

     What to expect:

  • A NO COST and NO OBLIGATION 90-day membership
  • Learn how to grow and protect your wealth with a proactive model (PAAM)
  • Learn how to identify important market trends, isolate leading asset classes and find the strongest stocks and ETFs
  • Study at your own pace and experience with basic and advanced courses – take online or attend live
  • Get more out of your investments, achieve security in retirement, and enrich your life!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you are not completely satisfied with your membership we will issue a prorated refund for the remaining portion.

     Membership Includes:

  • Weekly Video Update and Proactive Asset Allocation Report
  • Current PAAM allocation
  • Flash Alerts notifying you of PAAM changes (sent as a courtesy after changes are made to PAAM Model and updated on the IEI Website)
  • Access to Asset Class Ranking System and indicators for all 108 asset classes
  • Complete access to all other sections of our professional grade research database including market, sector, stock and ETF charts, indicators and reports
  • Sector Universe Reports that allow you to filter sort and query each sector to find the strongest stocks
  • Portfolios that allow you to obtain ratings on all your stocks and track important changes to help you manage your portfolio proactively and much more…

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Your membership will automatically expire after 90 days from date of registration, unless you decide to continue with a paid membership. The Institute will notify you shortly before your free 90-day period ends, at which time you can decide to let your membership lapse or continue with the paid membership of your choice.

Verification Process

Free membership is offered to first time members only, one per household.  You will not be charged for this membership.  Your credit card information is used only to ensure that you are a first time member.  You will not be charged after 90 days unless you authorize us to do so.  Once we verify your identity, all credit card information is deleted from our database.  If we verify that you or a member of your household already received a free membership, you agree to pay for a premium quarterly membership in full and your card will be charged at the rate published on our website at the time of registration.

Web Site Terms of Use

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